We need to maintain our great community for this generation and the next by:

  • Giving our schools the resources they deserve.
  • Retaining and recruiting world class educators.
  • Implementing programs that will keep families here in Nebraska.

Tim is committed to:

  • Working to redesign the school funding formula so that the state provides more funding for schools and we can significantly reduce our property tax levies.
  • Promoting cooperation, bipartisanship, and working with state senators regardless of their party to deliver results for the people of Millard and Elkhorn.
  • Finding ways to tackle challenges for families, including access to affordable childcare and expanding access to paid leave.
  • Protecting access to abortion and making sure that critical healthcare decisions are made between individuals and their doctors, not the 49 state senators in the Legislature.
  • Stopping the brain drain and developing a climate that will keep our young adults here in Nebraska.
  • Legalizing marijuana here in Nebraska.
  • Making sure our infrastructure meets the needs of our people, including expanding rural access to broadband internet and expanding public transportation options.
  • Passing common sense gun reform that respects the rights of responsible gun owners and makes our communities safer.
  • Working with our public power districts to make Nebraska a leader in renewable energy production.

About Tim

Tim has lived in Legislative District 31 since he was ten years old.  He attended Millard schools, graduating from Millard West in 2003.  After finishing his Bachelor’s in Social Science Education at Northwest Missouri State, Tim returned to Millard West in 2007 to teach Social Studies.

Now a sixteen year veteran educator with his Master’s in History from UNO and his Master’s in Administration from Walden University, Tim has taught history, government, and geography to thousands of students in this community.  He was twice named Debate Coach of the Year for the Nebraska District of the National Speech and Debate Association, and in 2016 was named the Nebraska Teacher of the Year.

For the past three school years, Tim has served as the President of the Millard Education Association, working tirelessly to keep our schools safe and open for learning. 

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