How To Sign the Petition

Because of the unique circumstances surrounding this election (finishing the remainder of the term after Senator Pahls passed away), state law requires that any candidate wishing to be on the ballot collect 2,000 signatures from registered voters in the district by September 1st.  Your signatures are critical to us being in this race in November.  There are a few different ways you can add your signature to our petition:

1. Tim, volunteers, and paid staff are out hitting the doors almost every day.  We are working to come to you so that way you don’t even need to go anywhere to sign the petition!  

2. Come to one of our signing events!  We are constantly adding times and locations where you can come to us and sign our petition.  Check here and our facebook page for the most up to date information on locations and times where you can meet Tim or our volunteers to add your signatures.

Here are the next available times:

3. Have a party, event, or other gathering of people coming up and want us to come and gather signatures?  Click on the red email button below and contact us, we will work to coordinate with you and have Tim, a paid staff member, or volunteers come out with petitions to collect signatures.  

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